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by | February 11, 2020

Why Give?

The most important question you can answer around giving is not how but why.

  • Why should I give? 
  • Why should I give to your church? 

Generosity is a journey, not an event. The journey begins with why. 

In his latest video blog, Dr. Scott McKenzie shares how to address the why question in your church. He offers some practical insights that will help you move from trying to meet or grow your budget to helping your church grow into a culture of generosity.

Generosity is not a financial expectation. Rather, it’s a spiritual invitation to re-organize your life around Gospel living. It’s about what God wants for the people in your church, not from them. When we take the opportunity to unpack the why question, you’ll see people change their relationship with money. Instead of seeing money as a source of power, they’ll begin to see it as a blessing to be shared and invested in Kingdom things. 

Note: All proceeds to Horizons Stewardship from the sale of the 28 day devotional A Generous Life are donated to UMCOR, a non-profit world relief agency.   A Generous Life may be purchased from Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Abingdon Press or your favorite Christian bookstore.

Next Steps:

Do you want access to more practical tools to help you cultivate a culture of generosity in your church in 2020?  Visit our Giving365 resource center.

Click here to request a free 20 minute consultation by a Horizons Ministry Strategist about how your church can increase ministry funding and improve discipleship through a process we call Next Level Generosity.



  1. Avatar

    I would have liked this better without the “sales pitch” for Horizons. I would have shown it to my session, but I don’t think they will be able to get around that issue. You might consider re-doing and saving the sales part for the very end, or in some other manner.

    • Joe Park

      Hi Debbie, Thank you for your comment. Horizons does not profit from the devotional that Scott references, A Generous Life. Profits are donated to the non-proft UMCOR. We do not profit from the sale either, so feel free to purchase them on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel or from your favorite Christian Bookstore. I do encourage you to let your Session know that when they watch it that all proceeds are donated to a Christian World Relief Charity and the content has been provided to them without cost.

      Joe Park, Managing Partner, Horizons Stewardship

  2. Avatar

    I think Scott is spot on. And he’s a great communicator.

    • Joe Park

      Thanks Grady, I agree with you!


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