When to Hire a Capital Campaign Consultant

by | October 30, 2019

Hiring a Capital Campaign Consultant

A capital campaign is a very important initiative in the life of a church. There is a lot at stake when a church chooses to take on a capital campaign effort. The thrill of being able to pay off debt or build your new sanctuary also comes with the nagging reality of what won’t happen if you don’t hit your goal. That can cause a lot of stress for the senior leader and key volunteer leaders in your church.

You didn’t go to seminary to learn about how to run a capital campaign. And even if you’ve been through several during your ministry, taking on the extra responsibility and risk can distract you from your most important responsibilities. There is a lot at stake.

Making the Right Decision for Your Church

You need to make the right decision for your church and your ministry goals. But how do you know if your church would benefit from the experience and wisdom of an experienced guide?

In his latest video blog, Clif Christopher, Founder of Horizons Stewardship, will walk you through a decision-making framework to help you and your church determine when it’s time to hire an outside counsel.

Watch now!

Did you miss the rest of the Giving Intelligence series? Do you want access to a variety of practical tools to help you cultivate a culture of generosity in your church? Visit our Giving365 resource center.

Click here to request a free 20 minute consultation by a Horizons Ministry Strategist about how your church can increase ministry funding and improve discipleship through a process we call Next Level Generosity.


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