The Real Mission

by | June 29, 2017

Last week I spoke at a United Methodist Conference. This is the time of year when Methodists do these things and I am usually found speaking at one or two. It is always an honor. At the conference, a man came up to me to ask a question. “Nice job,” he began. “Now, I heard you say you are not in the money business, but in the Jesus business. You really don’t believe that do you? How can you run a business, like Horizons, without counting money as the mark of success? It is like the church, we teach about Jesus, but the bottom line is that we must have money come in or we cannot teach. We are in the money business,” he exclaimed.

I replied that if Horizons or my church ever began to believe what he said, I would leave both. The world puts a lot of emphasis on money. It is the measuring stick of success in most every arena. But not with Horizons, and I pray not your church.

This week a beloved friend suffered an unimaginable tragedy. Her one-week old grandbaby suddenly died for no explainable reason. She and the baby’s parents are devastated beyond belief. The tears flow constantly and the agony is indescribable. I can offer words of care, hold her hand or hug her neck. If I wrote her a check, bought her a new car or house, none of that would do one bit of good to lessen her pain. The grief is beyond human solutions.

Christ, and Christ alone, is her only hope. He, and he alone, conquered the grave and now lives forevermore. He holds the keys to tomorrow with a promise of no more tears and no more sorrows. Only His Spirit can bring a peace that passes understanding. On this solid rock she can stand and face another day. It is Jesus who will work the miracle of her smiling again.

It is not a sales tactic to say we are in the Jesus business, not the money business. I mean it and I believe it. Money is an important tool, but it does not lead people to Jesus and new life. I want to help churches raise money so they can bring more people into relationship with Christ. I wish money could ease my friend’s pain, but I have nothing in my pocket to help her. Praise God she does have something in her heart that can carry her burden and walk with her through the valley. She will live again. The baby will live again. The sun will come up tomorrow because He lives and will never die.

Friends, this is our mission. All of us who know Jesus as Lord must proclaim Him till the whole world knows. Nothing is more important. Praise God from whom all blessing flow!


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