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by | March 16, 2017

How Do You Make Your Coffee?

Making coffee is something I do every morning. For me, that means scooping pre-ground coffee into a number four cone filter and pushing the start button on my German-made coffee maker. How do you make coffee? Some people use the one-cup machines now, while some swear by their old percolators. Ask around and you will find people make coffee in lots of different ways. The same is true about giving to the church.

How Do You Give?

For me, giving to my church means giving directly through my church’s website or the giving kiosk. I calculate the percent of income I wish to give and make my church contributions accordingly.

How do you give to your church? Some people write a check and place it in the offering plate, while others prefer to give cash. Most people look for an electronic means of giving because that’s the way they spend the rest of their money. Some prefer an automatic bank draft that sends money to the church even if they are not in worship.

Find Out What People Prefer

Ask around and you will find people give to the church in lots of different ways. How do the people in your church prefer to make their contributions? Do they write a check, use the giving kiosk, or give through automatic bank draft? Are people aware of all the options for contributing to your ministry?

What is the Key?

The key is to make giving more visible, and educate members on all the ways in which to give. It is important to create moments for people to talk about how they give. Do this regularly in worship around the time of the offering. Plan carefully to reach all members which means repeating these moments twice a month, every other month.

What we talk about, we recall. What we recall, we are more likely to do. But many will never get started if they don’t know how. This is a key to making giving more visible. Just talk about it.


Image Info: Sharing by Hoffnungsschimmer licensed under CC BY 2.0


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