Recruit a Generosity Team: The Big Picture

by | November 30, 2017

You’ve taken a leap of faith and made the decision to be a revolutionary leader in generosity … not just a lone nut. Now it’s time to recruit a generosity team for your church. Who is going to help you lead your congregation?

You have prayerfully looked at the giving list and have the names of potential fellow revolutionary leaders to begin recruiting your team. Before you make the first ask or before you approach anyone; consider these words from management guru, Tom Peters, on leadership:

They [leaders] want to do stuff that matters…great leaders are not merely great at leading.  They are great at inducing others to take on novel journeys to places of surpassing importance. (Re-imagine: Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age)


When you recruit a generosity team, do not tentatively ask people

Instead, boldly invite people to join a generosity team committed to leading your church to a place of lasting and even eternal importance … extravagant generosity.

Think that’s a bit of an over sell? Absolutely not!  In Generosity Rising, I describe the “big picture” as the reason why this invitation to generosity is so vitally important.  To do so, I reimagined the opening of the Declaration of Independence (I know it’s cheeky)…

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all people are created in the image of a loving, giving, and generous God.  We believe real life, true liberty, and eternal joy are only realized when we live lives of abundant generosity and sacrificial love.


Recruiting is about leading people on a journey of eternal importance

This isn’t about raising money for the budget or finding new ways to trick people into giving.

This is about leading people on a journey of eternal importance … extravagant generosity.

You and your generosity team will:

  • Help people re-discover their deepest and most authentic identity as people created in the image of a loving and generous God.
  • Help people experience true liberty and eternal joy through abundant generosity and sacrificial love.

And that, my friends, is “stuff that matters!”


Let the revolution begin!

Next week, we conclude the Generosity Revolution Series with the specific but fundamental revolutionary tasks of your generosity team.


Did you miss Part 1: How to Lead a Generosity Revolution or Part 2: If You Want to Be a Revolutionary, Recruit the Right Generosity Team of the series?  Click on the title you missed to read the first two installments in the series.




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