Practical Ideas for Easter and Your Offering

by | April 3, 2020

Easter Offering

Your Easter Offering is important. No one expected COVID-19, but here we are. But just because your people are not in church on Easter Sunday, doesn’t mean you should automatically assume your giving will be down. In fact, many churches are reporting a substantial increase in giving.

Consider these realities:

  • Your donors still want to support causes that matter to them. Avoid deciding what your donors want to do—instead, ask them and let them tell you what they want to do.
  • Donors give the most when there is alignment between donor passion and organizational impact. If you communicate why you do what you do, what you’re doing, and how you’re seeing lives changed, people will want to be a part of it. You may receive gifts from people who aren’t part of your church or have only attended your services online.
  • Invite donors to practice the gift of giving, especially on Easter Sunday. It’s easy to forget that giving is more about the spiritual discipline of giving than it is about money. Giving an offering on Easter Sunday is an outward expression of our inward solidarity with the Resurrection—a reminder of the new beginnings we all experience.
  • Show—don’t just tell—how your church is making a difference and seeing lives changed. You can’t overcommunicate, especially when the church isn’t meeting regularly. Use images and words to help people see your ministry impact.
  • Focus on the mission of the church and why you must be fully resourced to meet the needs of your church and community now more than ever. Be ready to articulate the need, so your donors know how to respond—and what problems they can help you solve.


Note: For more COVID-19 and leading during Social Distancing resources, click here.  


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