Paul Gravley

Paul Gravley is the Executive Director of The Parenting Center in addition to a ministry strategist at Horizons. The Parenting Center provides services to parents, caregivers, children, families, and people in need, striving to prevent child abuse and neglect by promoting positive parenting and serving as a resource center when abuse does occur. The Parenting Center serves 14,000 to 18,000 clients each year, from all income levels and social groups.  Responsible for the multi-million dollar annual budget, Paul has developed a keen understanding and execution of mission-based fund development. In all, Paul has amassed more than 20 years in the non-profit sector, serving in a variety of leadership position.  Before joining The Parenting Center, Paul was the Chief Development Officer for a nonprofit with a $21-million dollar annual budget.

An accomplished public speaker, Gravley has been featured across the country on topics from fundraising, leadership development, and public communication.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts from Southwestern University and a Masters of Divinity from Southern Methodist University. Paul is married Stephanie, whom he met in 9th grade, and the couple has three boys, Luke, Noah, and Eli. If you don’t find him at work, you will probably find him at a baseball field.

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