Expert Advice on Launching a Ministry with Financial Leaders

by | February 14, 2018

We have all experienced it. The jolt to the system when we discover one of our members has contributed a six- or seven-figure gift to the local university, hospital, or other nonprofit. In our recent webinar, we provided key strategies and advice for successfully funding your mission by launching a ministry to financial leaders.

Horizons’ webinar, hosted by Church Executive, included advice from Joel Mikell, Partner and Senior Vice President, Horizons Stewardship, and Doug Turner, President, Culture of Ready. Joel and Doug have extensive experience working with church pastors to invest spiritually and relationally with those whom God has blessed with unique resources and a generous heart.


Financial leaders are often minimally involved and even ignored because of fears and misconceptions.

In the meantime, they are giving away millions of dollars to other worthwhile organizations and groups. They have the capacity to transform your ministries. It is time to begin a conversation grounded in scripture and empowered by your God-given vision.

The theological framework for a ministry to financial leaders can be found in I Timothy 6:17-19, Matthew 25:14-30, and Luke 12:48b. Beginning a ministry should be a spiritual discussion before it is a financial conversation.


Here’s how to launch a ministry with your financial leaders.

(For more information and details, watch our webinar that covers details on each topic.)

  1. Define what it means to be a financial leader in your church
  2. Consider how they think about giving
  3. Understand why an intentional ministry is critical to growing your church’s overall culture of generosity
  4. Recognize how to maintain integrity in a ministry with financial leaders
  5. Know how to engage and inspire
  6. Understand how the generosity of your financial leaders will inspire the generosity of others
  7. Identify your financial leaders
  8. How to launch a ministry


Your financial leaders are an important part of God’s funding plan for your church’s mission and vision.

Stewardship is God’s business model for funding ministry. God has entrusted your people with all the resources needed to do what God wants you to do! The resources God has entrusted to the financial leaders in your church are part of God’s funding plan for you. Engaging and discipling this vital group of major donors will enable them to experience the joy of giving and significantly impact your ministry.

This ministry is motivated by a desire to grow financial leaders into fully devoted followers of Christ and to maximize the potential of your church! It must be about people, spiritual growth, and relationships before it is about resources.

Find our webinar here and slide presentation here.


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