Michael D. Reeves

Director of Educational Services

Michael is the Director of Educational Services at Horizons Stewardship and is a plenary presenter at the Horizons Academy of Faith and Money and author of several church stewardship and giving resources including the following:

Extravagant Generosity:Program Guide The Heart of Giving,

Extraordinary Money!: Understanding the Church Capital Campaign,

Creative Giving: Understanding Planned Giving and Endowments in Church.

Additionally, Michael has previously served as a denominational foundation head, seminary professor, and local church finance professional.  Michael has consulted hundreds of churches and agencies from around the world.

Easter Prayer of Generosity

Easter Prayer of Generosity

From all of us at Horizons Stewardship have a blessed Easter!  Here is a suggested Easter offertory prayer that you can use this Sunday: Now we come gracious God to that time in our Easter celebration where we have an opportunity to respond and express our love for...

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How to Instantly Improve Giving in Your Church

Adopting Donor-Centric Giving Strategies Giving should be a spiritually transformative experience--an act of worship that brings joy to the heart of the giver. But when giving is only about what your church needs, the donor is merely participating in a transaction. ...

5 Reasons Your Financial Leaders Don’t Give More

Many Types of Leaders There are many types of leaders in churches. Some are volunteer leaders, some paid; some are leaders by position, some by influence. There are also Financial Leaders, and they need a connection to you as much as any other group of leaders in the...

9 Questions to Ask after Experiencing a Decline in Church Giving

So, Your Giving in 2019 Wasn't Where You Hoped It Would Be. Now What?    You could just keep trying to do what you've always done. But it's likely you'll just end up experiencing more of the same. That doesn't mean we despair. What it does mean is that we'll need to...


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