Launch a Capital Campaign

One Journey

Church-Wide Mission Alignment


Uniting Your Church

Provides a unifying experience for your entire church by solidifying the personal involvement and commitment of your people.

Casting a Vision

Equips you to communicate your vision for the entire ministry plan/budget centered around a 24-month initative.

Connects Giving and Ongoing Mission

Connects the dots between the everyday mission of your church and the everyday commitment of each person.


Creates more flexibility to utilize gifts in accordance with ministry priorities and allows for more fluid changes based on the demands of your ministry plan.

The “One Sunday” Plan

Designed to raise significant funds and increase energy and enthusiasm among members. One Sunday is a fast-paced and affordable solution for churches that have capital needs requiring immediate funding.

Potential and Possibility Study

Gain Vital Insights

  • Includes critical data analysis of online and in-person surveys
  • Provides an anticipated range of campaign commitments
  • Accurately predicts challenges of a capital campaign
  • Evaluates level of support before entering campaign

Increase Support & Awareness

  • Aids in campaign development and communication strategy
  • Reveals potential donors’ attitudes regarding project
  • Increases confidence in campaign process
  • Garners support among lay leadership

After the review of the Potential and Possibility Study, the church can cancel or delay the campaign with no further cost to the church.

Customized Capital Campaigns

Designed to Create Generous Disciples


Horizons believes your church is unique and deserves a campaign that fits your culture and needs. Your Ministry Strategist will walk with you through the beginning steps of planning all the way through the entire collection period to help your church maximize its potential and strengthen your mission.


We Listen to You

Our flexible design process allows your experience to be created uniquely for your church’s needs and culture. Taking the time to actively listen to you is critical to our success together.


Your Various Needs

Each campaign is designed to meet your various needs such as: new build, addition, relocation, sanctuary, family life center, renovation, HVAC, meeting space, office space, debt reduction/retirement, land acquisition, and many more.


We Walk Alongside You

Our Ministry Strategists work only a limited number of campaigns a year, ensuring extensive on-site time including all recruitment, training and scheduled meetings.


We Guarantee It

We consider our work with you a unique ministry; therefore, if for any reason the church is not satisfied with our capital campaign services, you will receive a full refund.

Schedule your free, 20-minute strategy session, designed to help your organization ignite generosity.



Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?

How do you know if you are ready to launch a capital campaign?  


Kristine Miller, CFRE, Horizons’ Senior Partner, discusses the five important steps you should take prior to launching a capital campaign to ensure successful results.


In this latest video from Horizons’ Giving Intelligence Series, Kristine discusses five actions to take prior to launching a campaign for any project such as building, restoration, debt, missions, endowment, or any other capital needs. Has your church leadership wondered whether or not you’re ready to go? If so, this brief video will provide the insights and answers you are looking for.


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A Story of Faith and Transformation You Need to Know

In 2016, St. Andrew, Plano, Texas, faced a significant challenge. Located in Collin County, Texas, one of the fastest growing areas in the nation, St. Andrew was experiencing growth, especially in their contemporary worship service. As a result, several other areas including children and youth, missions, hospitality, and parking were all being stretched beyond capacity to accommodate growth.

St. Andrew’s Growth Paralleled a Focus on Generosity in Their Core Church Language

However, St. Andrew’s leaders had been preparing for growth through the development of their 30-year master expansion plan. The plan focused on four aspects of church life: worship, connect, serve, and give. As growing pains became more intense, church leaders realized it was time to launch a capital campaign. The funds raised would relieve the pressure by beginning to expand critical ministry areas according to the master plan.

Four key aspects of church life at St. Andrew: Worship, Connect, Serve, and Give


The Church’s Capital Campaign Facilitated its Larger Generosity Strategy

St. Andrew’s Senior Pastor, Robert Hasley, explained, “We hired Horizons to guide us in determining what to include in the first phase of our capital campaign. Through conversations with our ministry and financial leaders, our committed core of members, and ultimately, the entire congregation, we embarked on an ambitious plan. The result is a worship space that switches from a traditional to a contemporary style with almost the touch of a button.

We now have a worship space that switches from a traditional to a contemporary style with almost the touch of a button.

-Senior Pastor Robert Hasley

This change has enabled us to reset quickly while accommodating both traditional and contemporary worship styles. We also created new and improved areas for students,  children, hospitality, and parking. One of the more significant changes was the addition of a dedicated missions wing for The Storehouse of Collin County–an agency birthed in our church that provides services for Collin County residents in need.”

A Successful Capital Campaign Paid Additional Dividends

In the end, St. Andrew exceeded giving expectations in the capital campaign and moved forward with their plans. In addition, the positivity emerging from the capital campaign created a vibrancy and energy that has impacted ministry in all areas. Rev. Hasley says, “Like our namesake, Andrew the Apostle, we’re a community that loves to invite others to Jesus. As we live out our calling to worship, connect, serve and give, we’re witnessing God move through our community in remarkable ways.”

St. Andrew exceeded giving expectations and moved forward with their expansion plans.

St. Andrew’s journey is far from over. God continues to call the congregation to live out their mission, “Calling the “Christian-ish” to become passionate servants of Christ.”

For more information on the ministry at St. Andrew, Plano, Texas, click here.

To learn more about partnering with Horizons to move your congregation to the next level of generosity, click here.

The Three Pockets of Giving

Are you inviting your members to contribute from all three pockets of giving?

Many churches focus on the annual pocket and neglect to consider the other two–capital and estate pockets. In this next video in the Giving Intelligence Series, learn about the three pockets of giving and why you should be including all three in your year-round generosity program.



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Three Reasons Americans Choose to Give

The Power of Thanks: Four Practical Ministry Funding Impact Strategies

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