Horizons Expanding with Acquisition of The Charis Group

by | September 25, 2017

September 25, 2017: For Immediate Release

Celebrating 25 Years of Inspiring

Generosity in Local Churches

After 25 years of successfully helping churches and faith-based non-profits raise billions of dollars, Horizons Stewardship Company is expanding with the acquisition of The Charis Group into the Horizons family.

The Charis Group will continue to serve churches with its unique consulting service and stewardship resources as part of the Horizons family of brands.

Horizons founder Clif Christopher, the author of the best-selling book, Not Your Parents Offering Plate, made the announcement recently. Christopher said of expansion, “I have watched the ministry of Mark Brooks and Charis for a number of years with great admiration. He and his team bring skills and gifts that make both organizations better. I am thrilled we could make this happen.”

Mark Brooks, the founder of The Charis Group, commented saying, “My team and I are excited about joining the Horizons Stewardship family.  We see this as an opportunity to combine our expertise and talents with what we feel is the leading stewardship firm in our industry.”

Horizons purchased the rights to all of Brooks’ writings as well as his popular Giving365, a subscription service that focuses on helping churches increase ministry giving through weekly webinars, blogs, offering talks, and other resources.

This move by Horizons is not their first significant move in 2017.  Earlier this year, Joel Mikell, the past president of RSI, joined the Horizons team. Joel and several key leaders from RSI who previously joined Horizons add exceptional experience and depth to the talented Horizons team.

Joe Park, Managing Partner of Horizons Stewardship adds, “We continue to be made stronger through the addition of highly skilled consultants from now six different companies to our team of 35 Ministry Strategists and support staff. With each new addition to our family, we gain new insights into how to best help the local church and faith-based non-profits inspire generosity and grow disciples. We truly are better together.”

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Horizons Stewardship exists to inspire generosity and grow disciples so that every church can fulfill its God-given vision. Founded in 1992 by Rev. Clif Christopher to meet the needs of churches struggling to reach their potential in ministry, today Horizons consists of a multi-denominational team of over 35 Ministry Strategists and support staff that provide a full range of services to a variety of church and non-profit clients. For more information, visit horizons.net.


Click here to download the press release in PDF format.


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