Do You Know What Motivates People to Give?

by | January 10, 2019

Horizons is pleased to announce the launch of Giving Intelligence — a video series offering helpful advice from the Horizons team of generosity experts. Leading off is Horizons’ Founder, Clif Christopher, author of several books on giving including, Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate and his most recent, God vs. Money.


Do you know why Americans choose to give to a specific cause?

As a church leader, are you appealing to your congregation based on these reasons?


In this first in a series, Clif identifies the three reasons why people say they choose to give. These reasons have important implications for churches, especially during these times of intense competition for charitable dollars. Click below to view the first Giving Intelligence series video.


  1. Avatar

    You are correct. I did know these things, but not from ministry work rather from work with non-profits. May we, one day soon, become concerned to give God the ROI Hi investment deserves.

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    Thank you Cliff for this encouraging reminder of the three critical success factors that will support and grow the work of the church.

    • Clif Christopher

      Thanks Phillip. I am glad you found this helpful. Let me know if I can ever serve you.

  3. Avatar

    Clif, Would you advocate for Associate/Assistant Pastors and Ministry Program Directors to have some awareness of who the top givers are, especially those that are inspired/motivated to give because of the impact of ministries that those pastors and directors lead?

    • Kristine Miller

      From Clif…
      Keith, my quick answer is “yes”. If these professional staff members have the maturity and appropriate missional understanding about this information, it can only enhance their ability to serve.

      However, this is not a sword to die on if significant resistance would be expected within the church.

      So my vote on principle is that it is a good idea but practically it may hurt more than help in some settings.


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