7 Ways To Demonstrate The Key To Generosity Is Purpose

by | August 22, 2017

Purpose (noun) -- the reason for which something is done or for which something exists. Not a bad definition even if it came from Google, wouldn’t you agree? Many church leaders struggle with fostering a more generous congregation. The key to generosity isn't different tactics like an ad campaign or new envelopes. It's to connect generosity with purpose.

The truth is, all of life makes sense when it is connected to a greater and deeper sense of purpose. In fact, extravagant generosity can only occur when it is connected to a profound purpose.

Here are 7 ways you can improve your church's generosity by focusing on purpose:


7 Ways To Improve Generosity By Connecting it to Purpose

1 - Connect generosity with the character of God.

We are made to be generous because we are made in the image of a generous God. We are most like God when we are generous!

2 - Show how it's important to Jesus.

In fact, Jesus had more to say about giving, generosity, and stewardship than He did about any other single topic. If it was that important to Jesus, shouldn’t it be important to us?

3 - Focus on how it creates joy.

The happiest people I know are generous people.  1 Thessalonians 5:16 encourages us to “be joyful always!” Generosity provides an undeniable path to great joy.

4 - Point out how it changes from the inside out.

When Jesus said, “where your treasure is, there also is your heart”, he made a connection that we should not overlook – heart and possessions! When we are generous with our possessions, it changes us beginning with our hearts and in turn, changes our lives!

5 - Demonstrate that it is contagious.

Generosity inspires generosity. Maybe the greatest example is in I Chronicles 29. King David’s generosity (v. 1-5) directly impacts the generosity present in verses 6-9. The generosity we live out in our own lives leads to generosity living out in the lives of others.

6 - Encourage us to get outside ourselves and invest in other people.

People and relationships are what matter most to God. It is why Jesus came to earth and why He died on the cross. When we are generous with our resources, we are investing in people and relationships and, ultimately, changing lives and the world.

7 - Allow us to partner with God in carrying out Matthew 28:19-20.

Stewardship is God’s business plan for funding the work of making disciples. God gives to God’s people everything we need to accomplish what God wants to accomplish in the local church. We are invited to return and invest those blessings and resources in what God is doing.

If you want your church to become more generous, connect generosity with purpose.

What additional ways can you think of to add to the list?


  1. Great article. Everyone should read.

  2. Kristine Miller, SVP/Partner of Horizons

    Bill, Thank you for your comment! Your ministry has also encouraged church leaders to connect generosity with purpose. Anything you would add to the list?

  3. Joel Mikell, SVP/Partner of Horizons

    Bill Easum, thank you for the feedback! Coming from you means a great deal.



  1. Purpose: The Key to Unlocking Generosity | Voices on Stewardship - […] This post originally appeared on Horizons. […]

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However, St. Andrew’s leaders had been preparing for growth through the development of their 30-year master expansion plan. The plan focused on four aspects of church life: worship, connect, serve, and give. As growing pains became more intense, church leaders realized it was time to launch a capital campaign. The funds raised would relieve the pressure by beginning to expand critical ministry areas according to the master plan.

Four key aspects of church life at St. Andrew: Worship, Connect, Serve, and Give


The Church’s Capital Campaign Facilitated its Larger Generosity Strategy

St. Andrew’s Senior Pastor, Robert Hasley, explained, “We hired Horizons to guide us in determining what to include in the first phase of our capital campaign. Through conversations with our ministry and financial leaders, our committed core of members, and ultimately, the entire congregation, we embarked on an ambitious plan. The result is a worship space that switches from a traditional to a contemporary style with almost the touch of a button.

We now have a worship space that switches from a traditional to a contemporary style with almost the touch of a button.

-Senior Pastor Robert Hasley

This change has enabled us to reset quickly while accommodating both traditional and contemporary worship styles. We also created new and improved areas for students,  children, hospitality, and parking. One of the more significant changes was the addition of a dedicated missions wing for The Storehouse of Collin County–an agency birthed in our church that provides services for Collin County residents in need.”

A Successful Capital Campaign Paid Additional Dividends

In the end, St. Andrew exceeded giving expectations in the capital campaign and moved forward with their plans. In addition, the positivity emerging from the capital campaign created a vibrancy and energy that has impacted ministry in all areas. Rev. Hasley says, “Like our namesake, Andrew the Apostle, we’re a community that loves to invite others to Jesus. As we live out our calling to worship, connect, serve and give, we’re witnessing God move through our community in remarkable ways.”

St. Andrew exceeded giving expectations and moved forward with their expansion plans.

St. Andrew’s journey is far from over. God continues to call the congregation to live out their mission, “Calling the “Christian-ish” to become passionate servants of Christ.”

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