Franklin ‘Zip’ Long

Zip is a pastor called to cultivate spiritual growth by helping people to see the connection between their gifts and life-changing ministry. He has served thirty-six years in ministry, with more than a dozen years in financial stewardship.

A pastor in the local church for more than two decades, Zip led a wide range of congregations from small rural parishes to suburban, mid-sized congregations to large urban, multi-staff churches. His ministry has always focused on stewardship, spirituality and coaching generosity.

As a consulting pastor, Zip has worked with over 100 congregations across the United States. He has helped churches with visioning, budget growth, capital improvements, debt retirement, and relocation.

Zip and his wife, Nada, live in the Atlanta area. They share four grown children and two incredibly beautiful granddaughters.

We Need Christmas

Years ago, like a lot of Christians, I often lamented the commercialization of Christmas and talked at length about how our American style of materialism worked against the spirit of the season.  For me, this was obvious in the way Christmas spilled to earlier...

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The Easy Part of Generosity

Spirituality can mean a lot of things - becoming intimate with the sacred, welcoming the holy into our lives, or coming closer to Jesus. It is always a process of growth. But here’s the thing, and it will likely surprise you: The easiest place in our lives for...

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Who Should Know What People Give?

Clif Christopher, Horizons’ Founder and author of Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate, discusses the most argued-about stewardship topic in the church today.


In this newest video from Horizons’ Giving Intelligence Series, Clif shares his perspective on who should know what people give to the church and why it’s important. If your church leadership has ever disagreed about who should have access to the church’s giving list, this brief video will provide insights and answers to this controversial topic.



The Power of Thanks: Four Practical Ministry Funding Impact Strategies

The Power of Thanks

One of the most powerful tools you have for growing giving is saying thanks! Contributors to your church’s ministries should know you are grateful for their support. Saying thanks expresses gratitude, grows giving, and makes you feel good. It only takes a few minutes to say, “Thanks for giving!”

Four Practical Strategies that Will Significantly Impact Your Ministry Funding

Watch The Power of Thanks to learn four practical strategies that will significantly impact your ministry funding from Horizons’ Managing Partner, Joe Park.



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25 Big Ideas for Growing Church Giving

Take your church’s giving to the next level and start the new year strong. These 25 big ideas from Horizons Stewardship will help you get there. If giving was flat, the number of church donors has declined, or your ministry for 2019 is not fully funded, these 25 ideas offer the strategies you’re looking for.


Engaging and keeping givers is a huge struggle for most churches, and the competition for charitable dollars continues to be fierce. If you want to grow giving and see your vision become a reality, 25 Big ideas offers the help you need in this free download.



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