Four Ways to Make Stewardship a Worshipful Experience

by | November 17, 2019

Stewardship as a Meaningful Part of Worship

Stewardship isn’t something that just happens during the second weekend in October. Jesus talked more about money than heaven and hell. Why is that? Because money is an outward, measurable expression of what we really believe. This is why church leaders who limit the role money plays in the life of the church severely inhibit a disciple’s ability to grow in some key ways. It all begins with the courage and creativity of the leader to make stewardship a meaningful part of the worship experience all year long. In his latest video blog, Clif Christopher, founder of Horizons Stewardship, offers four practical ways to rethink how stewardship can move from an event that happens once a year to something that is deeply integrated into the worship and life experience of every disciple. Money shouldn’t be an uncomfortable “time out” from the rest of the church experience. Rather, it should be an opportunity where God can align our desires with our actions. It is often the areas of life where we are most uncomfortable where we experience the greatest, most significant growth experiences. Did you miss the rest of the Giving Intelligence series? Do you want access to a variety of practical tools to help you cultivate a culture of generosity in your church? Visit our Giving365 resource center. Click here to request a free 20 minute consultation by a Horizons Ministry Strategist about how your church can increase ministry funding and improve discipleship through a process we call Next Level Generosity.


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    Thanks Clif. Super message that needs to be embraced and put into practice in our lives, in our churches and especially in our churches pastors and leaders.

    • Joe Park

      Thanks William!

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    Most helpful video for local church pastors, staff, worship and stewardship teams……

    • Joe Park

      Thanks Clayton. High praise coming from you! Joe

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    Outstanding. Thank you very much!!

    • Joe Park

      Thank you Susan! Joe


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