Learn about the role your church leadership plays in growing church stewardship.

Tony Morgan on Seven Strategic Shifts Church Leaders Must Make Now

Seven Practical Shifts Tony Morgan, a nationally recognized author, speaker, consultant, and founder of The Unstuck Group, recently spoke with Joe Park, CEO of Horizons Stewardship, about seven practical shifts church leaders need to consider as our culture moves... read more

Pastor Jacob Armstrong Discusses Success in Increasing Recurring Giving

Recurring Giving Pastor Jacob Armstrong leads Providence United Methodist Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Just a few weeks into the Coronavirus outbreak and social distancing, he released a short video to his church that had a dramatic impact on his church’s... read more

Pastor Spotlight – Q&A with Ron Edmondson on Leading Through COVID-19

Leading Through COVID-19 Ron Edmondson is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker, and author on church leadership and revitalization. Joe Park, CEO and Managing Partner of Horizons Stewardship, hosted him for a local church pastor spotlight. Today, Ron and Joe... read more

Practical Ideas for Easter and Your Offering

Easter Offering Your Easter Offering is important. No one expected COVID-19, but here we are. But just because your people are not in church on Easter Sunday, doesn’t mean you should automatically assume your giving will be down. In fact, many churches are reporting a... read more

Stress on the Shepherd

No Good Pastor is Immune from Stress No good pastor is ever going to be immune from stress. We have a deadline to speak for God in front of numerous judges every seven days. Families in some of their most crucial and trying times want to lean on us for answers that... read more

Advice on Taking the Trail for the First Time

Many years and miles of backpacking in America’s wilderness areas have taught me a few things about taking a trail for the first time – about intentionally wandering into a much bigger and wilder world where you are not in control of everything. Visionary and... read more

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