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What You Need to Know about Potential Giving Decline

In the old days, miners would carry caged canaries down into the mine tunnels with them. If dangerous gases leaked into the mineshaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners, thus providing an early warning sign to evacuate. Congregations also need... read more

Cultivating Contagious Generosity

I was worshiping with friends recently and, in the remarks before the offering, the pastor declared, “We celebrate generosity and the work God does through our sacrificial giving!” That got me to thinking about the beliefs and values reflected in that congregation.... read more

Everything you need to inspire generosity.


What First-Time Givers Need from Your Church

First-Time Givers There are many ways people can give to your church and remain anonymous. That’s why when first-time givers give in such a way that you can attach their gift with their identity, they want you to know they made a donation. So, it’s only reasonable...

Your Total Contributions Aren’t Telling the Whole Story

Is Your Giving Culture Healthy? An increase in total church giving doesn’t necessarily mean you have a healthy giving culture. In fact, your actual contributions are a lagging indicator of your future. Lagging indicators describe what has already happened which means...

Invite Your Church to Experience Next Level Generosity

Why Give? The most important question you can answer around giving is not how but why. Why should I give?  Why should I give to your church?  Generosity is a journey, not an event. The journey begins with why.  In his latest video blog, Dr. Scott McKenzie shares how...


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