[Updated Regularly] Coronavirus and Social Distancing Resource Center

Coronavirus and Social Distancing Resources   This list of carefully curated content will be updated as often as necessary to make sure you have the most current resources available. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly. Horizons Stewardship is... read more

How Your Church Can Benefit from the CARES Act Payroll Protection Loan

The CARES Act – What You Need to Know Joe Park, CEO of Horizons Stewardship, was able to talk with Jeff Watson, a licensed practicing attorney who over the past 30 years has specialized in working with business leaders on a variety of financial matters. Over the... read more

How Churches Avoid Fraud and Misuse of Funds During Social Distancing

Avoiding Fraud and Misuse of Funds There is little happening in our churches today that could be described as business as usual. While it can be challenging to quickly adapt to a new normal—especially when there isn’t a playbook—it’s worth your time to review your... read more

Why Choose Generosity in Times of Uncertainty and Fear?

There will always be a reason for someone to be afraid of something. It could be financial market volatility, political unrest, health scares, or social complexities. Sometimes all of those combined at once. These circumstances and realities come and go, and they... read more

What Your Church Can Do to Stay Connected During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus Concern Note: The Coronavirus news can cause concern. To stay up-to-date on the latest information from the World Health Organization (WHO), visit here. Depending on where you are located, you may or may not be holding worship this weekend. Local... read more

How to Turn Your Annual Campaign into a Disciple-Making Strategy

An Annual Campaign During the time I was a pastor, I always did pre-marital counseling. I would have the couple come see me for two to three sessions. We would go over what Christian marriage was as a commitment between two persons. We would cover various expectations... read more

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Stress on the Shepherd

No Good Pastor is Immune from Stress No good pastor is ever going to be immune from stress. We have a deadline to speak for God in front of numerous judges every seven days. Families in some of their most crucial and trying times want to lean on us for answers that...


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