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How to Demonstrate a Return on Investment to Your Donors

One of the most frequently cited reasons for making a charitable donation is the donor’s desire to make a difference in the world. People want to see their donations at work. Donors want to know their gift is making a difference, and they want to see a return on... read more

The Primary Indicator of Discipleship is Generosity

This month, the Horizons Blog will focus on “Generosity as Discipleship,” and highlight core philosophies and practices based on this principle. Are you failing to grow disciples? You will fail if you do not include  generosity in your teaching. If we, as the church,... read more

“Know Before You Go…” The Importance of Planning for a New Place of Ministry

I am a frequent traveler to the Holy Land. In 2016, I hosted my 17th tour to “The Land of Jesus” and look forward to returning in 2018. One of the ways I prepare first-time travelers for the pilgrimage is by creating a “Know Before You Go” document that provides an... read more

Contributions by Candlelight: 5 Things to Consider When Planning for the Christmas Eve Offering

Christmas Eve services are most often remembered for Carols, Candlelight and Communion. We may spend a lot of time and energy planning for these “c’s,” but what about “Contributions“? How much energy are we investing in planning for the financial gifts people are... read more

Coffee, Conversation and Connection – A Sustainable Strategy for Ministry

This is a season during which those who work for the church reflect on their ministry assignments and how they will work to accomplish it. Many will spend time considering these important questions: 1) How do I spend my time and with whom? 2) Who am I called to serve?... read more

Everything you need to inspire generosity.


How to Instantly Improve Giving in Your Church

Adopting Donor-Centric Giving Strategies Giving should be a spiritually transformative experience--an act of worship that brings joy to the heart of the giver. But when giving is only about what your church needs, the donor is merely participating in a transaction. ...

5 Reasons Your Financial Leaders Don’t Give More

Many Types of Leaders There are many types of leaders in churches. Some are volunteer leaders, some paid; some are leaders by position, some by influence. There are also Financial Leaders, and they need a connection to you as much as any other group of leaders in the...


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