Beware of the Goat! And Delight in the Savior!

by | December 19, 2017

Several years ago, my wife and I took our three-year-old granddaughter to a recreated Bethlehem walk at a local church. We walked through displays of artisans and families recreating life in Bethlehem. We stopped at an animal petting pen where my granddaughter marveled at goats and sheep and donkeys. Finally, we arrived at the last display, which was the manger scene with Mary, Joseph, and the baby. As people gathered around, the pastor began to share about the gift of Christ. I leaned over to my bundled up granddaughter who I was holding and said,

“See there is baby Jesus.”

She yelled out, “I want to see the goat!”

I was so embarrassed. I again attempted to get her to focus on Jesus. Once again she yelled,

“I want to see the goat!”

This time I just scurried off to find the goat.


There will be lots of voices screaming at you in the days ahead.

Balance the budget!

Get the tree upright!

Make things perfect for Christmas Eve services! Buy one more gift to even things out with others!

Change the bulb that keeps flickering on the string!

Look it up on Amazon!


Voices will come from those you love and those you don’t love so much. Voices will sound urgent and anxious. They will be loud or they may be subtle. Many of us will scurry off just to quiet the voices.

My prayer, and the prayer of all of us at Horizons, is that you do not hurry so much that you miss the Christ child. Everything else is just a goat.


For unto you a child is born, a Savior, Christ the Lord!


Merry Christmas from all of us at Horizons.

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    Great reminder: don’t get distracted!


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