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What is the Impact of Giving Statements?

Are you maximizing the impact of your giving statements? Not only is it important to remind givers of their financial stewardship, but the timing can significantly impact your ability to accomplish your ministry objectives. In early March, the first giving statement... read more

Six Reasons to Send a Giving Update on November 30

Most churches have a practice of mailing “giving statements” or “giving updates” to members on a set schedule—quarterly, semi-annually, or just at year-end. Often we include an update on our ministries or a story of a changed life with the giving statement. These are... read more

I Have to Write this Blog

I have to write a blog for the Horizons Stewardship Newsletter, and it’s due tomorrow morning. There is an organization in Cincinnati called Lighthouse Youth Services. One of their programs deals with young adults who have “aged out” of the State’s Foster Care system.... read more

Everything you need to inspire generosity.


How to Instantly Improve Giving in Your Church

Adopting Donor-Centric Giving Strategies Giving should be a spiritually transformative experience--an act of worship that brings joy to the heart of the giver. But when giving is only about what your church needs, the donor is merely participating in a transaction. ...

5 Reasons Your Financial Leaders Don’t Give More

Many Types of Leaders There are many types of leaders in churches. Some are volunteer leaders, some paid; some are leaders by position, some by influence. There are also Financial Leaders, and they need a connection to you as much as any other group of leaders in the...

9 Questions to Ask after Experiencing a Decline in Church Giving

So, Your Giving in 2019 Wasn't Where You Hoped It Would Be. Now What?    You could just keep trying to do what you've always done. But it's likely you'll just end up experiencing more of the same. That doesn't mean we despair. What it does mean is that we'll need to...


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