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Growing Financial Stewardship in 2017

Right now is the time for you to start improving your church’s financial stewardship for 2017. To assist you I am going to write a monthly article on what should be done that month. If you have been pleased with the generosity of your congregation and think your... read more

Why I Love Denominational Foundations

A clergy friend asked me yesterday why I seemed to like denominational foundations so much. He noted that I seem to always be recommending them and wondered if we were somehow connected. The quick answer was that Horizons has absolutely no say so with any foundation,... read more

What Are You Fishing For?

Most of my friends know that I like to fish. I live on a river and have a fishing boat right behind my house. I like to take vacations where I can fish and if I am anywhere close to a tackle shop, I will spend money buying fishing gear that I really do not need. Yes,... read more

One Billion Dollars a Day

As reported by Giving USA, Americans gave over one billion dollars a day away in 2015; $373.3 billion was given away to be exact. This was the first time this milestone has been reached, and it represented a 4% increase over 2014. At a quick glance, this would appear... read more

Making Stewardship a Priority

This is the time of the year when many pastors move and many churches receive a new pastor. Most experienced pastors have a routine they like to follow when arriving at a new church and a lot of churches have traditions they like to follow. I frequently see articles... read more

Adding a Mission Piece to a Capital Campaign

The call goes like this, “Clif, we are thinking about adding a piece to our campaign for missions so we can tell people that we are doing something for others at the same time we are doing this for ourselves. What do you think?” Here’s what I am thinking, “What are... read more

Everything you need to inspire generosity.


The Power of Thanks: Four Practical Ministry Funding Impact Strategies

The Power of Thanks

One of the most powerful tools you have for growing giving is saying thanks! Contributors to your church’s ministries should know you are grateful for their support. Saying thanks expresses gratitude, grows giving, and makes you feel good. It only takes a few minutes to say, “Thanks for giving!”

Four Practical Strategies that Will Significantly Impact Your Ministry Funding

Watch The Power of Thanks to learn four practical strategies that will significantly impact your ministry funding from Horizons’ Managing Partner, Joe Park.



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Three Reasons Americans Choose to Give



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25 Big Ideas for Growing Church Giving

Take your church’s giving to the next level and start the new year strong. These 25 big ideas from Horizons Stewardship will help you get there. If giving was flat, the number of church donors has declined, or your ministry for 2019 is not fully funded, these 25 ideas offer the strategies you’re looking for.


Engaging and keeping givers is a huge struggle for most churches, and the competition for charitable dollars continues to be fierce. If you want to grow giving and see your vision become a reality, 25 Big ideas offers the help you need in this free download.



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Do You Know What Motivates People to Give?

Horizons is pleased to announce the launch of Giving Intelligence — a video series offering helpful advice from the Horizons team of generosity experts. Leading off is Horizons’ Founder, Clif Christopher, author of several books on giving including, Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate and his most recent, God vs. Money.


Do you know why Americans choose to give to a specific cause?

As a church leader, are you appealing to your congregation based on these reasons?


In this first in a series, Clif identifies the three reasons why people say they choose to give. These reasons have important implications for churches, especially during these times of intense competition for charitable dollars. Click below to view the first Giving Intelligence series video.


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