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Horizons Stewardship’s Response to Hurricane Harvey

Horizons Stewardship was founded on the core principle that God’s blessings, given to each of us, should be used for God’s work in the world. From its brutal beginning, our hearts and prayers have been with those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. And we know we are called... read more

The Real Mission

Last week I spoke at a United Methodist Conference. This is the time of year when Methodists do these things and I am usually found speaking at one or two. It is always an honor. At the conference, a man came up to me to ask a question. “Nice job,” he began. “Now, I... read more

3 Common Mistakes that Will Reduce the Success of Your Next Capital Campaign

2017 is turning out to be a busy year for capital campaigns for a number of churches. I know my office has been busy fielding calls nearly every day from pastors or laypersons inquiring about obtaining help with a campaign. I am running into issues with several of... read more

What Now? The Budget.

As it does every year about this time, my phone starts to ring from worried pastors. Easter has passed and all of the focus of Holy Week now shifts to the balance of the year. Pastors and laity both shift their eyes to the business end of the church: the budget. In... read more

Time for Your Annual Campaign

It is now time for you to begin your annual campaign.  It is April and you need to get ready now.   How can this be?  Most of you have scheduled an October or November campaign.  April does seem a bit early.  After all, you do not have a good feel yet for what income... read more

The Third Pocket

The Third Pocket This is the month to take a hard look at how your church is “marketing for planned gifts.” Yes, marketing! All churches are happy to receive an estate gift and a lot of them “hope” they will receive more, but only about 2%... read more

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