Are You Ready for a Capital Campaign?

by | April 3, 2019

How do you know if you are ready to launch a capital campaign?  


Kristine Miller, CFRE, Horizons’ Senior Partner, discusses the five important steps you should take prior to launching a capital campaign to ensure successful results.


In this latest video from Horizons’ Giving Intelligence Series, Kristine discusses five actions to take prior to launching a campaign for any project such as building, restoration, debt, missions, endowment, or any other capital needs. Has your church leadership wondered whether or not you’re ready to go? If so, this brief video will provide the insights and answers you are looking for.


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    Excellent, Kristine. Thank you!

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    I was blessed by a Faith and Money conference that Horizons & TMF conducted in Houston, 2014. We haven’t missed an apportionment payment since! Since then we interviewed and considered Horizons for a debt reduction campaign, but chose instead to do the campaign ourselves in 2017, thereby eliminating over $120,000.00 of debt in a twelve-month period. And we didn’t have to pay an outside fundraiser! In the aftermath of that campaign early in 2018 another $50,000.00 cash came in cash for renovation and building improvements.* In contrast, in 2012 we had TMF do a debt reduction campaign and only raised $30,000.00 in debt reduction, plus we paid them their fee. So either I need to work for you guys or the claim to use an outside fundraiser is slightly over elevated! Either way I would be curious as to what you could offer to us now.
    *Annual budget: $186,000.00. So we came close to raising our entire budget equivalent in cash to pay off debt and do some renovation (2017-18).

    • Kristine Miller

      Thank you for your comments, Vaughn. It is certainly true that some churches are able to raise funds on their own, especially when the amount required is near or below the amount of their annual budget. It is great you were able to take lessons learned from the Faith and Money conference and put them to work in your context. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to sign up for Giving365. This free subscription provides access to loads of resources to enable churches to move to the next level of generosity.Blessings on your journey.


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