Allison Erdle

Allison Erdle, CFRE, is an experienced professional across business, nonprofit and foundation sectors. She has managed her own consulting company since 2006. Ms. Erdle has experience in education, the arts, international, service and faith-based sectors and she has an understanding of the organizational, tactical, and leadership needs of the various sectors, along with the challenges that each may face, from investor relations to capital campaign development to community engagement for real estate development and implementing best practices with foundations.   Ms. Erdle holds an international MBA and speaks Spanish fluently.

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10 Ways to Effectively Thank Your Donors

Saying Thank You Giving is an outward expression of an inward commitment. When someone gives to your church, it is a sign of personal and spiritual growth. You want to honor and celebrate that in the same way you might celebrate a milestone with friends and family....

How to Avoid Making an Awkward Financial Ask

You Are Not Alone. Avoiding the Awkward Ask. If the thought of asking someone for money makes you feel awkward or uncomfortable, you’re not alone. There is a general reluctance among church leaders to talk about money. But you shouldn’t let reluctance keep you from...


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