Four Ways Church Staff Can Encourage Generosity

by | March 2, 2017

Recently, I was in a meeting with several church administrative assistants that were so far out of my league I decided to write a blog about them. Those sitting with me probably thought I was taking incredibly detailed notes about the local sales and use taxes, but I was actually thinking of ways administrative assistants and other church staff members can encourage generosity in their church.

I’ve met with enough pastors to know that many don’t get it when it comes to generosity. At the same time, the staff of the church is intimidated or outright scared to confront the pastor on shortcomings when it comes to teaching the subject in the local church. So here are my suggestions of how staff, and specifically an administrative assistant or financial secretary, can spur generosity.

  1. Begin quarterly giving statements with a letter describing the church’s impact. While some people give the same amount on a regular basis, others (like me) aren’t paid the same each month and, therefore, give a different way. Along with the giving statement, send a letter detailing how lives have been affected in the church. Pictures from a food pantry, mission trip, VBS, or special conference can make these much more impactful. Then make the connection; because you gave, lives were changed.
  2. Make every giving option available. Yes, many will continue to give during the offering time on Sunday morning, but what about those who are out of town, sick, or simply don’t have cash or checks? By offering electronic giving whether it’s on the website, app, or by text will ensure everyone has an easy way to give.
  3. Share significant giving information with the pastor. Each church operates differently when it comes to what the pastor knows about giving. However, every pastor should know where the church stands financially. The pastor should also know if someone gave a significant gift out of the norm (even if the amount isn’t included) or if a faithful giver has stopped giving. Again, simply asking the pastor if he or she has spoken with Mr. and Mrs. Smith would suffice.
  4. Ask the pastor to write a note to first-time givers. A personal letter to first-time givers acknowledges a significant step in the faith journey and can encourage future growth in generosity. The amount of the gift is less important than the pastor’s expression of gratitude on behalf of the church. While you’re at it, if feasible, ask the pastor to write thank you notes to those who have volunteered for the first time, joined a small group for the first time, or any number of significant faith steps.

So, there are four ways that an administrative assistant, financial secretary, or other staff member can have an impact on the generosity of a church. While a pastor often sets the tone, those of us in the church can also participate in the culture of generosity!

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